German Shepherd Schutzhund dogs and puppies for sale
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Haus Lucht German Schutzhund  Shepherds


AVAILABILITY: Our puppies are available for delivery after weaning at 8 weeks of age.

PUPPY NURTURE : We understand the importance of the social developmental of our puppies. Each puppy is handled extensively and given progressive exposure to noise and other physical stimuli appropriate to their age. They are given opportunity for optimal socialization with their litter maters, mother as well as other adult GSD's.

PUPPY HEALTH: Our puppies are provided with optimal nutritional support and regular worming to support early growth and development. They will have been given a careful inspection by our veterinarians and are maintained on a proper immunization schedule.

PUPPY IDENTIFICATION: Puppies are microchipped.

PUPPY GUARANTEE: Puppies are delivered with a health and hip guarantee.

PRICING: is based on the breeding and the overall quality of the puppy. Prices generally ranging from $1800-$2500.

- Deposits: Early reservation of puppies is recommended. In order to be fair reservations are accepted on a first come, first serve basis through a security deposit of $500.00. Such deposits are made as a "good faith" commitment by a prospective owner suggesting that they have completed their research and shopping and have decided to purchase from us. Deposits, while non-refundable, are transferable to another litter.

- Transportation is not included in the purchase price, however, we will help to coordinate transportation arrangements.