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In association with Drache Feld German Shepherds we proudly announce the arrival of the “P” Litter
DOB: 7/10/2017
This litter offers the established strength of the Plassenburg mother line combined with the deep pigment, wonderful temperament and fluid motion of Matty vom Marketal, son of VA-1(X2), Ballack Brucknerallee
Pups available approx: 9/10/17
For information contact: For further information contact

Sire: Matty vom Marketal

Title: IPO-2
Conformation: V
Hips: "a" normal
Elbows: "a" normal

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Dam: Diva von der Plassenberg

Title: IPO-1
Breeding: KKl-I
Conformation: V
Hips: "a" normal

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Announcing an Upcoming Litter!

Haus Lucht in association with the Piste Trophe kennel in Germany is delighted to announce the soon arrival of the litter from Hilary von der Piste Trophe VA (US) and Quenn von der Piste Trophe SG22 2016 BSZS.

Hilary has established herself as an outstanding producer during her career through breedings with multiple males.

We are delighted with the opportunity for "new technology" through this breeding with Quenn, an up and coming son of Ballack von der Brucknerallee.

Consider the following legacy “mother line”:

Cibaly von der Piste Trophe IPO-3, V32 2016 
 Imani von der Piste Trophe IPO-1, SG 42 2015
  Finn von der Piste Trophe IPO-3, V5 2016

You decide... The pedigree of this litter offers a wonderful genetic foundation and opportunity to enhance any breeding program. For information contact: For further information contact

Quenn von der Piste Trophe: SG22 BSZS 2016 Nurnberg

  Hilary von der Piste Trophe VA(US), IPO-2