German Shepherd Schutzhund dogs and puppies for sale
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Haus Lucht German Schutzhund  Shepherds



Nestled on 30 acres of woods, creeks and the rolling hills of Southwestern Ohio, Haus Lucht Shepherds offers over 30 years of breeding experience. We are committed to the breeding of top quality German Shepherds proven to be outstanding family pets and companions, as well as highly trainable for working disciplines.

Our breeding adults are from German conformation lines which combine solid structure, deep black and red pigment and strong temperament based on generations of uncompromising breeding excellence. We also apply unyielding attention to hip health. All dogs have been certified a normal, a fast normal, or through the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA).


We adhere to the following in order to bring quality and value to our customers.

  • Disclosure: We believe value can only be fully appreciated when it is accompanied by understanding. We believe that the disclosure of accurate information is essential to the promotion of long term customer satisfaction.

  • Integrity: We believe a customer has the right to expect personal integrity, honesty and respect; In short, to be treated as we would want to be treated.

  • Balance: We believe the GSD should present, in balanced form, the breeds core features:high intelligence, sound temperament, proper structure, and physical beauty.

  • Quality: We believe that quality is intentional and results from consistent attention to detail and an unwavering adherence to the highest established standards of breeding. At Haus Lucht quality trumps quantity.